The Florida Association of County Managers (FACM) is up and running and the inaugural membership drive is underway.  FACM is excited to welcome the following new members:  Lee Niblock, Jack Brown, Robert Presnell, Charles Chapman, June Fisher, Randal Vosburg, Joseph Baird, Ted Lakey, Shington Lamy, Vincent Long, Alan Rosenzweig, Edwin Hunzeker, Dan Schlandt, Karen Windon, Mounir Bouyounes, William Kauffman, Stuart McElhaney, Jeannie Rickman, Roman Gastesi, Christine Hurley, Kevin Wilson, Shanea Jones, Ted Selby, Kay Godwin, John Hofstad, Donald Fisher, Elizabeth Knight, James Freeman, Rick Leary, Michael Wanchick, Robert Adolphe, Mark Satterlee, Howard Tipton, Bradley Arnold, Dustin Hinkel, David Edwards, Dede Hinote, Larry Jones and Stan Sunday. 

If you’d like more information regarding FACM members, please contact Emily Anderson at