Escambia is the latest county to join the Employee Life Option (ELO) program, a new FAC Enterprise partnership that offers guaranteed whole life insurance coverage to County employees.  FAC’s newest partner, Boston Mutual, offers this program at no cost to the county. ELO combines the guaranteed premium coverage and values that have always been so attractive in whole life insurance with the advantages of cash accumulation at current interest rates. One of the major features of this program is the ability to obtain life insurance coverage without medical questioning or physicals-as long as you are employed by the county.

The ELO program was presented to a little over 400 county employees in Escambia County and 120 signed on to participate. This high rate of participation speaks volumes to the value of this program.  Statistics show that 15% of employees are uninsurable in standard markets.   The ELO program is proving to be  invaluable to county employees throughout Florida. Welcome aboard Escambia!

If you would like additional information on how to bring this program to your county, please contact Latoya Washington at or 850-922-4300.