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Club Car and Columbia ParCar Provide Multiple Options to Meet Your Specific Needs

We are excited to announce the dual award for the new Utility, Transportation and Golf Vehicles and Related Accessories, Equipment, Parts and Services contract. This contract was awarded to Club Car and Columbia ParCar through a competitive solicitation process conducted by lead public agency, City of Kansas City, Missouri. The contract term is for three (3) years with a start date of January 1, 2015, and the option to extend the contract for two (2) additional periods of one year each.

To learn more about this new contract and the solutions available, webinars will be conducted and the recorded versions are posted on our webinars page. Learn about our webinars or contact us for additional information.

This contract delivers work vehicles that will help you improve safety, move people and transport loads while lowering your cost of ownership. Not only will agencies be able to save on the direct cost of vehicles, this contract provides a solution for agencies looking to lessen their environmental impact.


Club Car

Columbia ParCar

Unique Solutions and Features

  • Gas and diesel with two-and automatic four-wheel drive   
  • Golf cars and turf utility vehicles
  • Custom solutions for all your needs, such as trash units or hospitality van boxes
    • Electric vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions
    • Ability to haul up to 5200 lbs. or tow up to 7 tons
    • People Movers can move up to 26 people to move large groups quietly and efficiently