The ongoing juvenile detention cost-share dispute featured prominently during the presentation of the Governor’s budget before the Senate Criminal and Civil Justice Appropriations Committee.  Discussion about the pending litigation between counties and the Department of Juvenile Justice prompted Committee Chairman Negron to designate Sen. Bradley to work with the parties to resolve the dispute.  During the 2014 session, a bill addressing the amounts owed to counties for past overpayments and changing the formula for future bills passed the House but was not heard by the full Senate.  Juvenile Justice Detention Cost Share is a legislative priority for FAC and staff has been meeting with legislators to discuss this important issue.  Sen. Bradley led the Senate’s 2014 efforts to bring a resolution to the floor and staff looks forward to working with him this year to reach an equitable resolution to the issue.

For any questions related to this issue, please contact Laura Youmans, FAC Public Safety Advocate.