Governor Rick Scott's proposed budget for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016 totals approximately $76.98 billion, and represents a $92,100,000 decrease from the 2014 General Appropriations Act which defines the state budget for SFY 2015.  Proposed general revenue expenditures for SFY 2016 equal $28.33 billion and trust fund expenditures total approximately $48.65 billion.

In addition, President Gardiner and Speaker Crisafulli on Wednesday unveiled "Work Plan Florida 2015," their joint priorities for the upcoming legislative session. The five-point legislative agenda covers Tax Relief, Economic Independence for People with Unique Abilities, Water and Natural Resources, Adoptions and Education. 

A detailed analysis of the Governor's proposed budget and more on the 2015 Legislative Work Plan is available on our website.  If you have any questions please contact Orlando Garcia at (850) 922-4300.