The Public Safety committee heard from guest speaker, Antoinette Triplett, CEO of the Tampa Hillsborough Homelessness Initiative (THHI), who shared the truly incredible story of Operation: REVEILLE, where more than 50 public and private partners led by THHI placed 51 homeless Veterans in their own homes on Veterans’ Day; another 18 Veterans were placed on a priority list to obtain permanent housing.  All Veterans who were placed in homes will receive 12 months of intensive case management and wrap around services based on their individual needs.  In order to find these Veterans, the group undertook an extensive community search visiting area shelters and camps. You may learn more about this incredibly heart-warming effort and THHI by visiting their website - or contacting Ms. Triplett directly at

The committee adopted new policy statements regarding the expanded use of Medical Marijuana and a desired increase in the Court Technology fee that helps counties pay for court-related technology needs mandated by Art. V, Florida Constitution.   The committee also adopted a new statement recognizing the need for additional state funding for repairs and improvements to juvenile detention facilities. The priorities selected by the committee for 2015 are:

* DJJ Cost Share

* Article V Court Funding/Court Technology Fee

* Core Services and Funding for Persons with Behavioral Health Issues/Maintaining Medicaid Eligibility    for Inmates


For more information on any Public Safety policy statements or related issues, please contact Lisa Hurley.