The 2014-2018 FEMA Strategic Plan reflects objectives FEMA will accomplish to provide the best possible support to U.S. citizens before, during, and after disasters. It sets forth the strategies FEMA will employ to accomplish the objectives and also establishes measurable outcomes. The Plan was developed through the involvement of hundreds of FEMA employees and many external stakeholders who contributed to generating the objectives, strategies, and outcomes, and who are now working to execute the Plan. 

The Plan is not a check-the-box document that will sit on a shelf. It was developed through the participation of a large group of dedicated people, and the Plan will be executed by the entire agency working together with external partners. FEMA is committed to basing its resource decisions going forward on achieving the outcomes set forth in this Plan.

Information on risk mapping and the National Flood Insurance Program in general is found in the discussion of Strategic Priority 4 – Enable disaster risk reduction nationally. This information can be found on pages 23-29.