The Federal Highway Administration Eastern Federal Lands (EFL) will be accepting Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) applications in order to develop a four year program of projects for Fiscal Years (FY) 2015 through FY 2018.  Project approvals will be contingent upon availability of funds.  EFL will be accepting project applications from the following Southeastern states:

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina and Tennessee

The call for projects opens December 15, 2014 and runs through March 13, 2015.  Please explore our EFL FLAP website located at and follow the links to the state FLAP website to download the application, review the state’s program goals and view the call for projects standard operating procedure and associated scoring criteria.   Applications should be submitted via email to by March 13, 2015.Proposed projects or studies must be located on a public highway, road, bridge, trail or transit system that is located on, is adjacent to, or provides access to Federal lands for which the facility title or maintenance responsibility is vested with a State, county, city, township, tribal, municipal, or local government.  Generally, a 20% matching share of the project total is required for this program. Other Federal (non-title 23 or 49, with the exception of FLTP) funds may be used as match.

All projects must be submitted using the EFL Access Program Application form (attached).  The applicant must be the facility owner and/or have maintenance responsibility of the facility.  The application may be submitted on behalf of the facility owner/maintainer contingent on written notification to FHWA-EFL by the facility owner/maintainer indicating that the application is being submitted on their behalf.  Project applications must have concurrence by the appropriate Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) and signature on the application and/or letter of support from the FLMA. 

You are welcome to contact any of the Programming Decisions Committee members with your questions using the contact information contained in the website. We also invite you to view a brief presentation titled EFL FLAP Informational Presentation located on the EFL FLAP website referenced above that may be helpful.  Also please find attached an EFL FLAP Fact Sheet with Tips for submitting a good application, for your use and outreach efforts.

EFL has found that a higher level of outreach at local levels has increased both the number and the quality of competitive applications submitted and ultimately recommended for project programming.    

FLMAs: We appreciate your efforts in the provision of an expanded outreach to your units regarding this program opportunity. 

State DOTs: We appreciate your efforts in the provision of an expanded outreach regarding this program opportunity to your Districts and Local Agency Program Coordinators (if applicable) via email and/or on your websites.

Local Agency Representatives: We appreciate your efforts in the provision of an expanded outreach regarding this program opportunity to other County and Local agencies in your state via email and/or on your local websites.

Thank you for your interest in the FLAP program and we look forward to developing a program of projects for the future.