According to DEP’s Division of Water Resource Management, draft assessments have been completed for beach and inlet projects requesting BMFA program funds in FY2015/2016. These project assessments list each ranking criterion in program rule and the points awarded to each project.   Assessments have been posted online for the public review and comment period, which ends on November 3, 2014.

DEP has determined that it needs to engage an “external review team” before project assessments are completed and priority rankings finalized, to address concerns regarding individual project rankings.  To that end, the department has invited FAC to participate in a webinar on November 6, 2014 to discuss county concerns prior to preparing funding request documents.   For those interested, the webinar can be accessed as follows: 

US toll free: 1.888.670.3525

Participant code: 5550 921 3632 # 

According to DEP, there is no formal agenda.   To view Funding Requests by County, please see the following site: