Florida’s counties are great!  You know it.  We know it.  But do you know all the fun facts about your county neighbors?

Starting this month, FAC will highlight an amazing Florida county periodically in our News & Notes newsletter!  Does your county have a fascinating history?  Some fun facts only the locals know?  Operate a successful program or initiative?  Tell us about it and your county may be in the spotlight next!  Email us if you would like to submit a county profile.

County Profile:
Alachua County

  • Population: 247,336 (2010 Census)
  • 23rd Most Populous County in Florida
  • Established: December 29, 1824
  • The ninth county established in Florida
  • The name Alachua comes from the Timucuan word Chua meaning: sink or jug for its many springs and sinkholes in the area
  • County Seat: Gainesville
  • There are 9 incorporated communities in Alachua County
  • Largest employment sector: Professional & Business Services


Alachua County produces a video series, Take 5 that highlights the people, events, programs and services that make the county great!  Here is a great one spotlighting Alachua’s Animal Control Services! Check it out! 

Alachua County has put a great resource of their history online, click to learn more.