As we all have been hearing for quite some time, the 2015 session promises to be the “Year of Water.”   After a summer of supposition and prognostication, stakeholders have been asked by leadership to provide thoughts on water policies and projects that they would most like to see.  FAC would like to participate “on the front end” in advising leadership of those priorities representing our many diverse counties.   We fully support the equitable distribution of water allocations, and believe that having information about what is most important to each community will inform the best decisions in that regard.

To that end, we are asking each county to provide a short list – no more than three – of the water issues and projects most important to them.  We hope to provide this list to staff in the next couple of weeks as they begin to formulate recommendations.  We would hope this list will provide a valuable resource to decision makers throughout the allocation process.      

If you would be so kind, please send your list of water priorities to Stephen James at at your earliest convenience.