The Florida Association of Counties (FAC) has recently completed a compilation/summary of proposed tentative property tax rates and related information for FY 2014-15. FAC is providing this information as a service to its membership to allow for the use of comparative data during the annual county budget development and decision making process. The report can be found here.

The webpage contains the following data/information for download:

  1. Summary of Aggregate Statewide Data
  2. County By County Data
    1. 2013 Taxable Value
    2. 2014 Taxable Value
    3. FY 2013-14 Taxes Levied
    4. FY 2014-15 Taxes Levied
    5. FY 2013-14 Aggregate Millage Rate
    6. FY 2014-15 Aggregate Rolled-Back Rate
  3. Property Tax Revenues
    1. Number of Counties expected to experience an increase/decrease in Property Tax Revenues
    2. Total County Ad Valorem Tax Levies from FY 2000-01 to projected FY 2015-16
    3. Level of Taxation “deemed appropriate” by the Florida Legislature and Actual Property Tax Levies from FY 1999-2000 to projected FY2019-2010
  4. Millage & Roll-Back Rates
    1. 2014 County by County Rollback Rate Comparison
    2. Number of Counties that chose to go above/below rolled back rate

Information contained within the Compilation/Summary was derived from standardized tax forms (Form DR-420) dictated for uspe by the Department of Revenue as a part of the statutorily mandated “Truth in Millage (TRIM) process.  The data from these forms are tentative and final data will be certified by the Department of Revenue after the completion of the county budget process as dictated by the Florida Statutes.