The DEP is planning the development of the annual prioritized list of beach and inlet management projects in preparation for submittal of the Department’s FY2015/2016 Local Government Funding Request (LGFR) and the FY2015/2025 Long-Range Budget Plan (LRBP) to the Governor and the Legislature. 

Local sponsors requesting program funds are required to submit detailed project descriptions and cost estimates for each project eligible for the program, in accordance with Chapter 62B-36, Florida Administrative Code.  The project descriptions must contain sufficient information to apply the project ranking criteria, including maps depicting the project boundary, detailed cost estimates to support the funding request and a current resolution from the governing body.  The resolution must include language indicating support of the proposed project and ability to provide the necessary local match for the funding request. 

For your convenience, the “Ranking Criteria for Beach and Inlet Management Projects” is available on the webpage

Applications can be submitted via email to:, or via upload to the DEP’s public server through the following link:

Application submittal deadline is August 4, 2014.

Any questions should be directed to:  Alex Reed, DEP Beaches and Mines Funding Assistance at (850) 245.8421 or