The National Association of Counties has recently upgraded their web portal to include a dedicated research section.  Visit to review a multitude of very helpful data and research related to county governments.  The following is a brief review of the research offerings at


  • The dedicated section includes an ongoing research blog which has recently covered topics such as building green buildings, population trends, and transportation funding.


  • If you are interested in trend analysis research or policy research you will also be able to review and download material on topics including county economic performance as detailed in NACo’s “County Tracker” interactive module, county transportation funding, and municipal bonds.


  • The “Why Counties Matter” research series includes a wealth of information on what Counties do and how they invest critical resources in providing a variety of public services.



NACo’s research resources are a welcome addition to the NACo web portal and county officials and staff should be encouraged to take advantage of the valuable asset.  For specific inquiries or questions regarding NACo’s research division and related publications please contact NACo directly at .