For years,  FAC has worked closely with the University of Florida/IFAS Extension. Over the last decade, the two organizations have strengthen their partnership,  discovered many similarities in their missions, and found ways to better work together. The UF/IFAS Extension has an office in all of Florida’s 67 counties and both organizations obviously place a high value on education, so it makes senses that UF/IFAS Extension is actively engaged with the FACTOR-Educating County Leaders programs. We are pleased to announce that, for the third year in a row, UF/IFAS Extension has agreed to be the sole sponsor of all of FAC’s education certification programs. This annual $100,000 sponsorship runs from July 2014-June 2015 and provides the resources needed to ensure that the FACTOR programs are top notch. Thank you to both Dr. Jack Payne, Senior Vice President of UF/IFAS Extension and Dr. Nick Place, the Dean and Director of UF/IFAS Extension for your continued support!