Governor Scott has announced specific projects to be funded by the $6.3 million in federal disaster assistance approved last month.    The projects, which must first be approved by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are as follows: 

  • $4,569,767 for Apalachicola Bay Habitat Improvement.  Oyster shells will be added to existing reefs to improve habitat.  The project will also increase economic activity in the community by employing local fishermen. 
  • $415,473 for Monitoring of the Wild Apalachicola Bay Oyster Population.  The monitoring activity will evaluate the success of shelling programs, and assist in management as the oyster population recovers.
  • $563,233 for Vocational and Educational Training for Apalachicola Bay Oyster Industry Workers. Training will improve and diversify employment opportunities for oystermen.
  • $768,060 for Apalachicola Bay Processor Facilities Upgrades. These upgrades will help the industry remain viable as it recovers.