The Entertainment Production Industry Rally in Tally will take place next week - Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - in Tallahassee.

The purpose of this Rally is to allow industry members and interested parties the opportunity to thank legislators for their continued support of our industry. It provides an opportunity for us an industry and Floridians to educate legislators, members of the media, and fellow Floridians about the importance of Florida's Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive program to our state and our economy.

To date, there are close to 200 signed up - people from all the various regions of the state and the various sectors of the industry - who are planning to attend this event.

The Rally in Tally will be the perfect opportunity to let Florida decision-makers know how vital entertainment production is to our state, and how crucial it is for them to continue to support and fund Florida's Entertainment Industry Financial Incentive program.

Click here to view the Entertainment Industry Fact Sheet that will be distributed during this event.