The Senate Ethics and Elections committee passed SB846 this week which is considered to be the second part of the ethics reform package passed last year in SB 2.  The bill provides for the applicability of certain provisions of the Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees to members of the executive councils of certain quasi-governmental entities, as well as , to citizen Support Organizations and Direct Support Organizations.  The bill requires elected municipal officers to complete annual ethics training, clarifies timing of ethics training requirements for constitutional officers and requires certification of annual ethics training on an officer’s financial disclosure forms.  FAC worked with Sen. Latvala and committee staff to ensure a provision was placed in the bill to that the annual ethics training requirement for newly elected county commissioners and other constitutional officers does not begin until the calendar year immediately after their election.  Otherwise, newly elected officials would only have 6 weeks to complete their training. The bill also provides for the removal from office of any public official who willfully and knowingly fails to file required disclosure forms and limits withholding of wages to no less than 10% of public salary toward payment of unpaid fines.