SB 582 – Relating to Substance Abuse Services, will be heard in Senate Children, Families, and Elder Affairs on Tuesday, February 11th at 10am.  The proposed bill creates a definition for sober house transitional living homes, and requires DCF to issue certificates of registration to sober home facilities that comply with the statutory standards.  A valid DCF registration number would be required to be displayed on advertisements for sober houses.  Additionally, the bill authorizes DCF to inspect registered sober homes and requires background screening for owners and operators.  An amendment is expected to provide legislative intent language and clarify that the bill aims only to register the housing providers with the goal of protecting the consumer, and does not seek to regulate based on the status of persons living in sober houses.  FAC supports the efforts of Sen. Clemens and Rep. Hager to establish a statewide registry.  The house version of the bill, HB 479, has not yet been heard; it’s first committee of reference is the Healthy Families Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Harrell.