On November 27, 2013, DJJ issued its 2012-13 Detention Cost Share Final Reconciliation indicating the counties were due a net credit of more than $41 million.   However, on December 3, 2013, DJJ released its REVISED Final Reconciliation after the agency determined the amounts counties paid in FY11-12 had not been updated to reflect the FY12-13 amounts paid.  The result of this oversight was an increase in the net credits due to counties of $4 million.   We have provided DJJ’s December 3, 2013, letter explaining the oversight and the revised final reconciliation spreadsheet for your review.   

While DJJ has historically issued credits to counties who overpaid, the agency indicates in its letter that it does not have the fiscal capacity to do so for FY12-13 at this time.  The inability to issue credits during this fiscal year was not unexpected since DJJ is currently collecting almost $40 million less from the counties than projected for FY13-14.   This is the direct result of the First District Court of Appeal’s ruling.  FAC is continuing to discuss this budget shortfall as well as the status of the secure detention program with DJJ and the Legislature with the goal of resolving these issues during the upcoming session.  Should you have any questions about the FY12-13 Final Reconciliation documents, please contact Lisa Hurley.