Sen. Bradley and Rep. Edwards filed bills amending Part II of Chapter 386, F.S., commonly known as the “Florida Clean Indoor Air Act,” to grant local governments the ability to restrict smoking on certain outdoor property.  Currently, s. 386.209, F.S. expressly preempts the regulation of smoking to the state, voiding any county or city ordinances that regulate smoking, although school districts are permitted to further restrict smoking on school district property.  SB 342 and HB 309 would create an additional carve-out from the preemption, allowing local governments to further restrict smoking on county- or city-owned playground areas.  In filing the bills, both sponsors have expressed their concern for the health and welfare of children and their interest in limiting exposure to second-hand smoke in areas designed specifically for children.  FAC supports their efforts, as the legislation, if passed, will authorize counties to exercise their home rule powers to limit smoking in certain areas, where the county identifies such action to be necessary.