As the state economy begins to improve with modest revenue growth, FAC is preparing for another challenging legislative session and the potential for tax cuts and unfunded mandates that effect local revenues. During last week’s Legislative Conference, FAC’s membership adopted the following as priorities for the 2014 Legislative Session:

Maintaining Revenues for Florida’s Communities: Support for tax reform measures that simplify administration and provide an economic boost to Florida’s taxpayers while at the same time considering and minimizing the collective and cumulative negative impact on local revenues, including state shared and local discretionary revenue sources that are critical to local governments in providing community services.  Proposals of interest to FAC and its members include those effecting the Communications Services Tax, Sales Tax Exemption on Commercial Leases, Local Business Taxes, E-911 Fees and Local Discretionary Revenue Sources.

Enhancing Juvenile Justice:
Support initiatives that reduce juvenile detention through prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services.  In addition, support maintaining juvenile justice as the responsibility of the state; in the alternative, support state funding for the operation of juvenile detention facilities, as upheld by Florida’s courts and support allowing counties to pay actual costs on a monthly reimbursement basis.

Protecting Florida’s Waters: Support sustained commitment of state resources for the development of alternative water supplies, water quality improvement projects and comprehensive water infrastructure needs. Support legislation that enhances regional and local financial capacity to address water supply development and water infrastructure.

Ending Homelessness in Florida: Support developing a dedicated state funding source for homelessness programs and tax credits for businesses that employ the homeless.

FAC would like to thank the Executive Committee, Policy Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs and participating members for their leadership and support in developing a robust agenda for the upcoming Session. For FAC’s full 2014 Legislative Program and the 2014 Priority Program visit our website.