The Department of Management Services, Bureau of Federal Property Assistance, is your single point of contact for surplus federal property and excess military property.  Two separate and distinct programs operate under Federal Property Assistance:  the State Agency for Surplus Property Program (SASP), and the 1033 Law Enforcement Support Office Program (LESO). 

The mission of the SASP program is to obtain surplus federal property from federal agencies and donate it to eligible agencies.  Agencies served by the SASP program include:

  • State, county, and city government organizations.
  • Political subdivisions including volunteer fire departments or rescue squads. 
  • Non-profit health or educational facilities.
  • Homeless or needy assistance programs that have been officially recognized by a county or city official.
  • Service Educational Activities that have been officially recognized by the Department of Defense (DOD).
  • Small Business Associations classified as 8A that have been approved by the Small Business Administration. 

The mission of the LESO program is to obtain excess military equipment from the Department of Defense and donate it to eligible local law enforcement agencies in Florida.

On a daily basis we screen for surplus federal property and excess military property that will meet the needs of our customers, and facilitate the transfer of allocated property to their custody.  The SASP and LESO programs are funded by service charges applied to the property.

To determine if your organization is eligible to participate in the SASP or LESO programs, please complete and return the attached application.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the SASP or LESO programs:


The attached brochure explains more about the SASP and LESO programs.