The Employer-Sponsored Benefits Task Force that was established pursuant to HB655 met for the second time in Tallahassee on October 23, 2013.   HB655 was passed in 2013 and preempts local governments from establishing minimum mandatory employer sponsored benefits for private employers and created a task force to analyze employment benefits and the impact of state preemption.  The charge of the Task Force is to make recommendations on whether the current preemption is good policy, and whether the state should set minimum mandatory benefits.  The eleven member task force, which includes Chris Hart, President, Work Force Florida, Inc., Senator Rob Bradley and Representative Wood, heard from four panelists in the hospitality business, the Florida Retail Federation and The James Madison Institute, all of whom indicated that the preemption was in fact good policy in that it ensures one uniform system that creates stability and predictability in the market which is extremely important to businesses and entrepreneurs.   The panel was also in agreement that the state should not set minimum mandatory benefits and allow the market forces to work.  The Task Force’s next meeting will be on November 19, 2013, where presentations are expected  from panelists who do not support the preemption.   The final report of the Task Force is due January 15, 2014.  Meeting notices and materials can be found on the WorkForce Florida website -