Since January 2013, 128 alleged reports of babies dying due to unsafe sleep have been called in to the Florida Abuse Hotline. These deaths are 100 percent preventable and your county can help decrease them by participating in The Safe Sleep Campaign. The initiative encourages caregivers to let babies sleep ALONE, on their BACKS and in a CRIB.

The campaign was tailored after programs started by Fort Lauderdale Fire-Rescue, Manatee County Sheriff's Office and Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Broward County. Many first responders around Florida have already joined forces with the Florida Department of Children and Families, Department of Health, state legislators, community organizations, medical professionals and other first responders as partners for this urgent cause.

The first-responder element of the campaign has three components. Stations do not have to be involved in all elements in order to be a partner:

  • FREE online continuing education course about Safe Sleep
  • FREE printed materials
  • Volunteer to be a designated drop-off location for publically donated pack n plays (portable cribs), Note: Local Healthy Starts have volunteered to distribute portable cribs after they are donated to your station.

Please take a moment to learn more about the campaign at.

The direct link to more information about the first responder components is:

Please email for more information, free resources and/or to volunteer to be a designated drop-off location for pack n plays.