This week the House Criminal Justice committee announced its 2014 work plan.  The subjects they plan to take up are: Stand  Your Ground; Juvenile Sentencing Reform based on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Graham;  Sexual Predators/Offenders/Jimmy Ryce Act; Sentencing Reform with regard to mandatory minimum sentences; DJJ Chapter 985 Rewrite; implementation of the  Timely Justice Act; and Bond Revocations for offenders who violate probation.   The Senate Criminal Justice committee did not meet.

The House Justice Appropriations committee met and briefly discussed the budget gap left by the First District Court of Appeals decision regarding the financial responsibility the counties and state for juvenile secure detention.  It is estimated that under current law, the State will need to appropriate approximately $39.3 million in general revenue on a recurring basis for the program.  No ideas were presented on how the State will fill the budget deficit.