During the week of September 23rd the legislature its first round of interim committee meetings.

Although the Senate Finance and Tax committee did not meet, staff met with Chairwoman, Sen. Hukill. Issues discussed primarily focused on potential Communications Services Tax (CST) reform and the Commercial Lease Sales Tax Exemption currently being proposed by the Florida Association of Realtors.  Sen. Hukill is currently sponsoring the related legislation (SB 176).  FAC staff also took part in a stakeholder meeting with Sen. Latvala regarding potential legislation to increase incentives for film and television production.  The meeting was the first of many of its kind to be held leading up to the beginning of the 2014 legislative session.

The House Finance and Tax committee did meet and held two informational workshops on local business taxes and internet sales taxes.  The committee did not take any testimony and no votes were recorded.  FAC staff also met with house member Rep. Stuebe who is sponsoring the house version of the Commercial Lease Sales Tax Exemption (HB 11).  Staff expressed their initial concerns with the legislations and Rep. Stuebe committed to maintaining an open dialogue on the issue.

Finally, FAC staff held productive meetings with members of the Governor’s budget and policy staff. A number of issues were discussed related to potential county finance and tax priorities, as well as the Governor’s proposed plan to offer the citizens of Florida $500 million in tax cuts. 


For more information on these issues please contact Davin Suggs, FAC Sr. Legislative Advocate for Finance and Tax issues.