The South Florida Water Management District has proposed changes to the administrative rules governing recreation on its public lands (Rule 40E-7, Florida Administrative Code).   These revisions are intended to make it easier for hunters, fishermen, hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to use these lands.  According to published reports, the proposed revisions also include activities not contemplated in the original 2006 rules, including astronomy and geocaching, a type of scavenger hunt where players use GPS devices.

The District currently manages over 1 million acres of public land to support flood control infrastructure, protect water supply resources and restore impaired ecosystems. Over the years, the District has taken great strides to offer and enhance public recreational opportunities on land purchased with public dollars.

The agency will gather public feedback and comments on the existing rule through a series of public workshops.    These workshops and online comment forms will provide citizens and stakeholders with the opportunity to recommend what recreational features they would like added or changed on these lands.

For more information contact Bijaya Kattel at (561) 682-6640.   For a copy of the existing rule, see: