On May 20, Governor Scott signed into law SB 1520, which makes significant changes to Medicaid county billing.  Beginning on July 1, counties will pay fixed monthly amounts for their Medicaid cost shares, and will no longer receive invoices for specific inpatient hospital, nursing home, and HMO claims. The Department of Revenue will be notifying each county of its FY 2013-14 Medicaid contribution on June 20.  Additionally, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) recently notified counties that they will not be receiving invoices for June 2013 claims (i.e. “201306 invoice”), which counties would normally receive in July absent the legislative change in SB 1520.  Thus, the May 2013 invoice (“201305 invoice”) is the final claims-based invoice. 

Additionally, the legislation requires the AHCA to submit to FAC an annual data report, through 2015, containing information necessary for comprehensively evaluating the cost and utilization of health services by Medicaid enrollees by service type in each county.  FAC is in the beginning stages of developing a technical workgroup to evaluate the enrollment-based formula and county-by-county allocations in advance of the transition to counties paying based on enrollment, which will begin in FY 2015-16.  FAC will provide more information about this technical workgroup and its objectives during the Medicaid Webinar on June 17 and at the FAC Annual Conference later this month in Tampa.  For more information, please contact Susan Harbin.