In 2012 and again this year, Florida’s legislature, the only state to do so, passed a Joint Resolution sponsored by Senator Richter and Representative Passidomo declaring July 2013 as Bladder Cancer Awareness Month in Florida.  Several counties and cities have also proclaimed July 2012 and 2013 as Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, including Collier and Naples. Hundreds of distinctive tri colored bladder cancer awareness lapel pins and informational flyers have been distributed in local communities. The Bladder Cancer Foundation of Florida hopes that other counties in Florida will join in this effort by passing proclamations in their county recognizing July 2013 as Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

The National Cancer Institute ranked Bladder Cancer 22nd in research dollars in 2011. This allows little money for better, earlier diagnosis or effective newer treatments. Raising awareness is critical in securing additional research funding. One in 27 men and one in 86 women will be diagnosed with bladder cancer. Women are often misdiagnosed with gynecological problems only to discover they have bladder cancer. Bladder Cancer is more common than Cervical Cancer in women and is one of the most expensive cancers to treat, both in terms of emotional distress and the constant medical follow-up necessary to be assured there is no new cancer.

Carla Dean is the current President of the Bladder Cancer Foundation of Florida, Inc. For more information about bladder cancer or if your county would like to help, visit the Bladder Cancer Foundation, Inc.’s FaceBook page or contact them via email at