FAC is proud to announce that we have launched a new member services program, County Administrator Placement Support.  The program will be available to assist counties in determining the best person to fill their open county manager/administrator position.

Last year, county managers across Florida joined together to form the County Manager Working Group creating a peer to peer network for better collaboration across Florida.  As a part of their efforts, the county managers last year sponsored a session on recruitment of county managers at the FAC Annual Conference and will be sponsoring another session this year on strategic planning.

This group, along with FAC, believes strongly in increasing the number of professional county managers across Florida.

FAC is committed to preserving and protecting home rule through advocacy, collaboration and education.  This mission can be better served if our counties have the knowledge and resources to hire professional county managers to manage our communities in an efficient manner.  With the right experts in place, counties get better and the network of professional managers in Florida can expand, creating a team that can collaborate to solve the challenges and opportunities facing their counties.

On a personal level, FAC Executive Director Chris Holley has spent his four decade career in county public service with more than two decades as a county manager.  Mr. Holley has seen firsthand the number of professionals entering public service decline and realizes that counties must hire the best in order to be the best.

FAC is committed to helping our counties hire the best manager for their community by:

  1. Working with the Board of County Commissioners on the county manager form of government;
  2. Briefing the Board of County Commissioners on the best practices for the recruitment process of a professional administrator;
  3. Assisting county staff, through the provision of recommendations on recruitment techniques, by providing suggestions on where to place advertisements to solicit qualified applicants and suggestions on the wording of the County’s recruitment profile and advertisement for the position;
  4. Assisting the Board of County Commissioners and county staff to develop a list of identified characteristics and attributes of a successful candidate, the appropriate selection criteria, and a suggested selection process and timeline;
  5. Facilitating a volunteer group of Florida county administrators to review the qualifications of the list of candidates, as the list is identified by the Board of County Commissioners and/or County staff for review, and to report the findings of that review to the Board of County Commissioners and/or County staff, as directed.

While we have advised counties and friends for years, FAC has entered into our first formal relationship with Walton County in their search for a county manager.

If your county is looking to hire a county administrator or learn more about a county manager form of government please contact FAC Executive Director Chris Holley.