The work of the United States Census Bureau continues throughout the decade. However, this year they are also conducting the American Housing Survey (AHS) for the United States Housing and Urban Development agency. This survey is being conducted in every county in the state. Also, HUD has included a separate metro sample for 6 metro areas in Florida, the highest number of any state: 1) Miami-Dade-Kendall;2) Ft Lauderdale-Broward; 3) Palm Beach County; 4) Orlando-Kissimmee-Seminole; 5) Tampa-St Petersburg-Pasco; and, 6)Jacksonville-Duval and surrounding counties.

Most households that are included in the national or metro sample will receive a notification packet in the mail consisting of: 1) a letter explaining the survey and how their household was selected; 2) FAQs; and, 3) AHS worksheet to be completed by the household prior to the interview with the census field representatives. The field representatives may conduct the household interviews in person or by telephone. The operation for the AHS will continue through August. Some cleanup operations may be extended to mid-September. Residents will be able to verify if the field representative works for the Census Bureau by asking for their employee code and contacting the census office on the notice. All census information is confidential and protected by law. For the metro areas, the Census Bureau's Florida Data Dissemnation Specialist,Marilyn Stephens, may contact local officials to provide additional details about census operations in your community. For additional information, contact Marilyn Stephens at 404-323-0594,