Paper Reduction Initiative and the Task Force on Electronic Filing of Bail Bonds

Legislation was passed this session that seeks to reduce paper documents by expanding the use of electronic transmittals in several areas.  Among other things, HB 247 authorizes the Supervisor of Elections to provide electronic sample ballots to electors, requires the Board of County Commissioners to electronically transmit to the Department of State enacted ordinances, amendments, and emergency ordinances, permits a value adjustment board to electronically notify the taxpayer and property appraiser of the board’s decision in certain hearings, allows certain ad valorem communications to be sent electronically and authorizes the clerk of court to electronically furnish certain notices regarding bail bonds.  

As originally drafted, the Senate companion bill SB 1352 required implementation of the electronic filing of bail bonds.  However, members of the bail industry felt the implementation of this process was premature  and possibly open to abuse and therefore wanted more time to work with other stakeholders to come up with a viable solution for the electronic filing of bail bonds and as such the provision was removed from the bill.  In keeping with this imitative, a task force on the electronic filing of bail bonds has now been created and Lisa Hurley with FAC is a member. Other members of the task force include the Department of Insurance, Clerks of Court, Florida Sheriffs Association, and bail associations.  The goal of the task force is to establish suggestions and guidelines for future implementation of this initiative that can be presented for the 2014 legislative session.