Each year, volunteer leaders guide FAC as we choose which issues to focus our legislative priorities on and fight in Tallahassee. These leaders become statewide leaders guiding the direction of the Association and making critical decisions during the legislative session.

Are you ready to step up? Ready to become a statewide leader? Once a year, as the FAC President looks to set his priorities for the following year, FAC solicits applications from commissioners to become leaders in their association.

Opportunities for appointment include:

  • Policy Committee/Caucus Chair or Vice Chair
  • At-Large Director
  • Annual Conference Planning Committee
  • Various Standing & Other Committees/Boards
  • Various Ad Hoc Workgroups 

These positions are either appointed by the FAC President or approved by the FAC Board of Directors and are usually a one-year commitment. If you are interested, please complete the online form on our website or contact Valerie Rogers at (850) 922-7868.

Online forms must be completed by May 15, 2013.