Our Members asked for it, and we are pleased to present the second edition of the comprehensive guide on all aspects of Florida county government, including Florida’s history, county government structure, leadership and management, budgeting methods and strategies, economic development and growth management, human resources, purchasing and contracting, health and safety, and infrastructure.

FAC would like to thank the sponsors of the 2012 Florida County Government Guide. The Florida Counties Foundation (FCF), the Florida Association of County Attorneys (FACA)  and the University of Florida/IFAS Extension provided the funding to publish this second edition.

There are two ways to purchase this Guide:  FAC Members may order the book version for $50 or get online access to the 2012 Guide for $200 which will include any updates during that time frame.  All new Commissioners will receive a copy of the New Commissioner version of the Florida County Government Guide.  Non-members may order the printed copy for $80.  Order your copies today!