Since 2005, counties have shared in the financial responsibility of juvenile detention with the state. Counties are billed for juvenile detention based on estimates from the prior year. However, the billing methodology has changed several times over the years and has been the basis for countless lawsuits. All parties agree that the current funding model is seriously flawed and not sustainable.  As a result, FAC has been working closely with DJJ on funding model alternatives and has made positive progress.

Last week, the FAC Legislative Executive committee directed staff to work with DJJ on a proposal that would allow the financial obligation between counties and state be determined by a percentage of the total budget for secure detention for non-fiscally constrained counties.

FAC is working with the Department of Juvenile Justice to develop language to adopt this new formula and abolish the current flawed billing cycle.

For more information or questions, please contact FAC Public Safety Advocate Lisa Hurley.