After the 2012 General Election, Governor Scott asked Secretary of State Ken Detzner, to review the administration of the election and make recommendations on ways to improve the system.

After talking with citizens and elected officials from across the state, Secretary Detzner released his Recommendations for Increased Accessibility and Efficiency in Florida Elections. In short, long lines at polling places was the chief complaint encountered by the Secretary and, in his opinion, were the direct result of a shortened early voting schedule, inadequate voting locations and the length of the ballot, all of which are addressed in his report.

In addition, the Secretary felt that in some instances additional funding from counties would help ease elections. Last week, FAC staff met with Secretary Detzner who is committed to having a dialogue with counties and Supervisors of Elections to help ensure Florida performs better during the next election and viable solutions are found.

The three areas of funding improvement pertain to (1) reprecincting; (2) newer (and more) voting equipment; and (3) electronic polling books.

Within the next few days, Secretary Detzner will be sending a letter and his report to county Chairs in an effort to start the conversation as soon as possible.

Please forward your input, comments and concerns on the report to FAC Administrative Advocate Lisa Hurley. With your input, FAC will compile these suggestions to provide feedback to the Secretary, Governor and Legislature who will be considering a comprehensive elections bill this session.