As we approach the start of Session, you should know about some new bills that have been filed that may impact counties. With regard to Pain Management Clinics, Senator Grimsley filed SB 1192 which seeks to require doctors to consult the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) database before prescribing schedule II and III drugs to new patients.  It also removes the restriction against state funding for the PDMP.  Although FAC is supportive of the measures related to the PDMP, the bill also seeks to preempt regulation of pain management clinics (and its practitioners), as well as, pharmacists, pharmacies, health facilities and other clinics.  The bill goes even further and restricts counties’ ability to place zoning restrictions on pain clinics.  FAC is opposed to any measure that limits or takes away the ability of counties to regulate these clinics in their communities as they deem appropriate.  This holds especially true in light of the prescription drug addiction epidemic that is sweeping the nation.  The House companion bill is HB 831, Rep. Fasano, which also contains preemption language but provides for a workgroup with FAC representatives to develop a model ordinance.

On Wednesday, Representative Steube filed HB 1097, School Safety, which mandates a district school board to either designate a trained employee with a concealed weapon to be on every campus or place a school safety on campus.  As the bill is presently written it appears the costs of the additional personnel would be the responsibility of the school district.  FAC is currently seeking input from our members on this legislation which is here. There currently is no Senate companion bill.

Once again, legislation has been filed requiring additional reporting from municipal and county Animal Shelters and Animal Control Agencies. HB 871 (Rep. Patronis) and SB 674  (Sen. Montford) would require all such agencies to maintain reports for  public inspection for the preceding 3 years on all the animals taken in and their dispositions.  HB 839 (Rep. Kerner) and SB 872 (Sen. Abruzzo) would also require monthly and annual reporting from these agencies.   The intent of all these bills is to track the adoption and euthanasia rates to determine how best to increase adoptions and decrease euthanasia.  It is expected that such legislation, if passed, would have a negative fiscal impact to counties and cities.  FAC invites your comments on all these bills and their potential impact in  your community.