SB 258 by Sen. Bradley will be heard in Senate Regulated Industries on Thursday, February 21.  Pursuant to sec. 386.209, F.S., regulation of smoking is expressly preempted to the state, although school districts are allowed to restrict smoking on school district property.   SB 258 would authorize both counties and municipalities to adopt ordinances further restricting smoking on their own property.  In order to address concerns with the existing bill language, SB 258 will likely be amended prior to this first committee stop to add parameters as to how and where local governments can restrict smoking.  FAC supports repealing the local government preemption of smoking, and thanks Sen. Bradley and HB 439 sponsor Rep. Hager for advancing this important home rule issue.  HB 439 has not yet been placed on the agenda for the House Health Quality Subcommittee, its first committee of reference.  For more information, please contact Susan Harbin.