A bill that prohibits counties and cities from using traffic infraction detectors (a.k.a. Red Light Cameras) passed its first committee of reference this week. HB 4011 by Representative Campbell passed the Economic Affairs Committee by a vote of 10-8. FAC staff testified that, while only four counties have these systems in place, a report by the Florida Department of Highway Safety shows that they significantly reduce red light violations and, for some intersections, have reduced the number of vehicle crashes.  FAC recommended to the Committee that, given the law has been in place for less than three years, more time is needed to collect data to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the cameras.  Accordingly, FAC urged committee members to vote against the bill.  While the bill ultimately passed after two hours of testimony, there is no companion legislation in the Senate.  There is also speculation that another bill will be filed aimed at increasing regulation and tightening local requirements over cameras.