The National Association of Counties is reaching out to let you know about the 2013 NACo Achievement Award Program. The Achievement Award program recognizes comprehensive and innovative projects in various categories that support NACo’s 2013 legislative and policy priorities. Achievement Awards are a great way for your counties to receive national recognition for their innovative and state-of-the-art programs. The program provides the opportunity for counties to be recognized not only for their sound programs, but also for the dedicated employees who make these programs successful.

Award-winning programs will receive a NACo Achievement Award certificate in the mail, recognition at the NACo Annual Conference in July, program information on the NACo website and many more opportunities.

We would appreciate it if you would tell your counties about this exciting opportunity. Not only is it a great way for your counties to receive national recognition, but it also promotes the county, and provides a comprehensive list of best practices that state associations, counties, and NACo can use to support their legislative and policy priorities.

Member counties and non-member counties are eligible to apply with different fees for each group ($60 for member counties; $150 for non-member counties). To guide applicants through the process, the 2013 Achievement Award Application Overview, Frequently Asked Questions, video tutorial, and electronic applications are available on the NACo website:

The deadline to submit application materials, including application fees, is February 21, 2013, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Questions about the program can be directed to me at or 202.942.4215. Thank you.