This week’s meetings were filled with a lot of agency presentations but some substantive issues and bills were discussed.  The  House Criminal Justice subcommittee chaired by Rep. Matt Gaetz signaled its desire to pass legislation this session dealing with the issue of synthetic drugs. The committee heard presentations by FDLE and the Attorney General about their frustrations in  trying to stay ahead of the manufacturers who change their drug formulas every year to keep them legal and in stores.  The committee was very interested in discovering new ways to combat the problem and suggested more analyses were needed into what other states are doing about the problem.  The Senate Criminal Justice committee chaired by Senator Greg Evers heard its first bill which seeks to limit the use of drones for surveillance.   Senator Negron filed SB92 –“The Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act” seeking to restrict law enforcement and local governments from using drones to gather certain types of evidence.  Before passing the committee unanimously, the bill was amended to allow the use of drones after a search warrant is obtained, in exigent circumstances and to counter a high risk of a terrorist attached.