As is customary during the interim committee weeks, various state agencies have been making presentations before House and Senate Committees.  Among those presenting new and revised initiatives was the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  Of interest to counties is a proposal that authorizes the creation of regional toll authorities.  The concept would allow any county, or two or more contiguous counties with legislative approval, to form a regional toll-way authority for the purpose of constructing, maintaining and operating transportation projects in a region of the state.  FDOT officials indicated that this model could be structured in a way where the county, or counties, establish the authority, develop its funding, while FDOT actually constructs the facility.  Another issue discussed by the department was to require counties to share with the state half of all parking meter revenues that are collected by counties and cities on meters posted on state rights-of-way.  The department also spoke at length about the state transportation trust fund and options for enhancing revenues over time.  While no specific funding enhancements were proposed, the department indicated that the legislature should consider options that ties vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to road construction costs. Finally, the department is proposing changes to the membership of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) by allowing an exception to the cap of 19 members, where the boundary of an existing MPO is expanded to encompass a new urbanized area or where two or more MPOs consolidate to a single urbanized area.