The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) made a presentation to the Senate Community Affairs Committee on its Proportionate Share Calculation Report.  The department was directed to develop the report following legislation passed in 2011 that altered the calculation of proportionate share fees.   Of concern was the various interpretations of the formula, including one that essentially limits the application of proportionate share process to the first developer impacting a failing road, while precluding its use on subsequent developers.  The formula change also precludes the so-called process of “pooling” proportionate share fees by way of pipelining.  FAC staff had an opportunity to meet the with Committee’s Chairman, Senator Wilton Simpson, who indicates that a bill will likely be proposed to address some of the issues associated with proportionate share.  The Chairman also indicated that the committee is considering a pilot program for a county and/or a city where all plan amendments will follow the small scale review process.