For more than 83 years, FAC has worked to preserve and protect home rule.  Our mission is not based on politics, population or even policy – but simply that your commission should have the authority to make the decisions best for your community.

However, it can be challenging to manage the diverse interests of 67 counties without ever appearing to be caught up in politics, population or specific policies.

FAC wanted to take this opportunity as we start 2013 to reaffirm our commitment to each of you – commissioner and staff – that we are a member driven organization dedicated to home rule.

If you like what we are doing, please let us know and share with your community the value FAC brings to your county.

If you’d like us to do more or ever see us veering from our mission, let us know

We are committed to being your voice in Tallahassee and across Florida!

Thank you for your commitment to home rule and allowing us to work for you!