The Health and Human Services Policy Committee met to finalize its legislative package in preparation for the 2013 legislative session.   Medicaid dominated the discussion, including the potential impacts that the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and statewide Medicaid managed care could have on the existing county-state Medicaid relationship.  The Committee ultimately adopted the policy statement that was initially presented at the Policy Statement in September, and recommended by the Workgroup, with additional language calling for the state and counties to develop an accurate and reliable billing system, if they cannot otherwise agree to dissolve the cost-sharing relationship altogether. 

Additionally, the Committee adopted an expanded County Health Department (CHD) statement to oppose decentralization of CHDs and support allowing CHDs to continue to provide primary care services to patients, where such is identified as a community need.  

The Committee also revised the existing Smoking Regulation policy statement to clarify support for repealing the statutory preemption in order to allow counties to adopt ordinances to restrict outdoor smoking on county property. 

After a lengthy discussion, the Committee selected Medicaid and County Health Departments as its top two priorities.