Celebration for Florida’s 67 counties, 410 cities and year round residents were in order on Tuesday night when Amendment 4 was soundly defeated.  The Amendment which had many changes to Florida’s property tax system, did not reach the required 60% threshold, in fact it only received 43% of the vote.

FAC, along with our partners at the Florida League of Cities, has worked tirelessly over the last year to educated commissioners, council members and residents to the impact amendment four would have had on our communities.  A large team has been traveling the state speaking in front of commissions, editorial boards and groups large and small to explain the tax shift to year round residents that would have occurred if Amendment 4 passed.

Amendment 4’s defeat sends a message to Tallahassee that Floridians want commonsense tax policy that honors home rule and does not shift costs onto year round residents.

For more information or questions, please contact FAC’s Communication Director Cragin Mosteller.