This week, FAC’s Communication Director Cragin Mosteller traveled around Florida to speak against Amendment 4.  Ms. Mosteller presented to the Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners, Charlotte Sun editorial editor, Palm Beach community meetings and the Punta Gorda, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton and Citrus County Chambers of Commerce.  On Saturday, Mosteller travels to Orlando to speak at the AFSCME conference.

With the grassroots campaign in full force, FAC is encouraging commissioners to educate their citizens on the impact Amendment 4 will have on their counties – forcing higher taxes and fewer services on our year round residents. 

An exceptional 1 minute video on Amendment 4 can be found here.  Please air it on your community stations and at your grass roots meetings.

Want more information on Amendment 4, please visit the campaign website at  Looking for county by county impacts or a sample resolution, click here.

For more information or to have Mrs. Mosteller come and speak to your commissioner, please contact her at (850) 294-9307.