FAC purchasing programs allow counties to pool their buying power to save significantly when purchasing everything from office supplies to vehicles.



Employee Clinics and Wellness Programs - HealthStat


FAC and Healthstat have partnered to give Florida’s counties access to the nation’s most innovative provider of employer-sponsored onsite, near site and shared health clinics. Healthstat offers primary care, prevention, disease management and occupational health services that improve employee health and productivity and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

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NACo Deferred Compensation Program


Since its inception in 1980, the National Association of Counties Deferred Compensation Program has become the largest supplemental retirement income program available to county employees. Through a partnership with NACo, Nationwide Retirement Solutions (NRS), and FAC, Florida counties can offer employees access to this premier Section 457 Deferred Compensation Program.

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Guaranteed Whole Life - Boston Mutual


ELOP is a Life Insurance program that combines guaranteed premiums, coverage and values with the advantages of cash accumulation at current interest rates.

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