Amendment 8:

School Board Term Limits and Duties; Public Schools


The proposal would prospectively impose an eight year term limit on school board by local school boards. It also would establish a requirement for the teaching of civic literacy. It would allow an alternative process for approving public schools, including charter schools, rather than public schools.


The exact ballot summary language reads: 


"Creates a term limit of eight consecutive years for school board members and requires the legislature to provide for the promotion of civic literacy in public schools. Currently, district school boards have a constitutional duty to operate, control, and supervise all public schools. The amendment maintains a school board’s duties to public schools it establishes, but permits the state to operate, control, and supervise public schools not established by the school board."



Duval County School Board v. State Board of Education

In December 2008, the Florida First District Court of Appeal ruled that the Schools of Excellence Commission—a state-level organization with the power to authorize charter schools in Florida—was unconstitutional. The District Court of Appeal described the commission as "a parallel system of free public education escaping the operation and control of local elected school boards." As the bill creating the Schools of Excellence Commission prevented local school boards from controlling the charter schools, the court said the commission violated Section 4 of Article IX of the Florida Constitution.


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It's still a long way to November, when voters will be asked to vote up or down on 13 proposed amendments to the state constitution. But only a few so far have generated as much debate as Amendment 8, a measure that is the subject of a lawsuit filed by the League of Women Voters.



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The Florida Constitution Revision Commission had a profound responsibility: We had to legislate for the next generation. We worked to adapt a document drafted in 1967 for the state that will exist in 2037.



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Tallahassee politicians keep trying to hide their real education agenda. They fooled us with the lottery amendment. They fooled us with measures to water down our class size limits. Now they are trying to fool us again with the following amendment: School board term limits and duties; public schools.



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The Florida Constitution Revision Commission on Monday signed off on a proposed constitutional amendment that could lead to term limits for county school-board members and make a revision that one critic called a “game changer” for charter schools.



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